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Factors Affecting Recruitment Retention and Safety of Commercial Drivers from Diverse Backgrounds: Supervisory Styles, Safety Culture and Long Work Hours
Principal Investigators:
Patrick Sherry and Ruth Chu-Lien Chao
University of Denver
Grant #:
69A3552348308 (IIJA / BIL)
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commercial drivers, equity, hours of labor, personnel retention, recruiting, safety culture, shortages, social diversity, truck drivers


Commercial truck drivers are an essential component of the national supply chain ensuring the timely and safe delivery of goods to manufacturers and retail outlets. However, the alarming increase in driver turnover post-pandemic and national shortages in qualified workers in the transportation industry are continuing cause for concern. Driver shortages are forecast to double in 5 years with only a minor percentage of drivers represented by Native Americans, women, Hispanic/Latino and other underrepresented groups. The present study proposes to develop a model of the factors contributing to driver turnover and retention for use in ongoing recruitment and selection efforts based on a national survey of existing, but satisfied and experienced drivers. Identification of key factors can lead to increased retention as well as diversity and equitable representation of qualified and satisfied workers throughout the industry.

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