Center for Transformative Infrastructure Preservation and Sustainability


YearProject #TitleStatusUniversity
2024CTIPS-001Advanced Air Mobility to Enhance Freight Logistics and Preserve Road ConditionActiveNorth Dakota State University
2024CTIPS-002Assessing Condition of Rehabilitated Concrete Pavement with Slab Fracturing and Asphalt Overlay Using Distributed Fiber Optic SensorsActiveNorth Dakota State University
2024CTIPS-003Rapid and Low-Cost Bridge Scour Monitoring Using Unmanned Underwater DronesActiveFort Lewis College
2024CTIPS-004Factors Affecting Recruitment Retention and Safety of Commercial Drivers from Diverse Backgrounds: Supervisory Styles, Safety Culture and Long Work HoursActiveUniversity of Denver
2024CTIPS-005Data-Driven Inspection Planning for Utah Culverts Using Federated LearningActiveUniversity of Utah
2024CTIPS-006Transportation Infrastructure Electrification Certificate ProgramActiveUniversity of Utah