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Transportation Infrastructure Electrification Certificate Program
Principal Investigators:
Xiaoyue "Cathy" Liu
University of Utah
Grant #:
69A3552348308 (IIJA / BIL)
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certification, electricity, electric roadways, electric vehicles, future, grids (transmission lines), infrastructure, public private partnerships, training


The future of electrified transportation infrastructure operates at the nexus of several critical industries (such as Transportation, Building, Power/Energy, Information Technology, Data Science, Social Equity, and Economics) that have historically operated independently, and the ever-increasing overlap among them has little to no strategic coordination. A coherent understanding of these complex interactions is required to capture and harness convergence across these industries and scientific communities and to reshape forever the future. The Transportation Infrastructure Electrification Certificate Program will be a collaborative effort pulling domain experts from the aforementioned disciplines and to train graduate students by applying cross-domain knowledges to tackle one of the most significant social issues of our time, preparing them to adapt to an increasingly interdisciplinary world, as well as increasing awareness of the many social equity issues permeating life in the U.S. and elsewhere.

The program's vision is to create entirely new lines of thinking on how city, highway, electric grid infrastructures are designed, how vehicles and operators interact with those systems, and how to integrate private sector partners and public resources in the human interface of planning, economics, and policy.

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