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Optimizing Guardrail Placements along Highways in Utah to Enhance Road Safety and Mitigate Road Departure Crashes
Principal Investigators:
Nikola Marković and Abbas Rashidi
University of Utah
Grant #:
69A3552348308 (IIJA / BIL)
Project #:
RiP #:
computer vision, crash data, guardrails, high risk locations, mixed integer programming, ran off road crashes


This project focuses on optimizing guardrail placements along highways in Utah to enhance road safety and mitigate road departure (RD) crashes. Utilizing advanced computer vision technologies and Mixed Integer Programming (MIP) models, the research aims to analyze roadside features and crash data to strategically position guardrails. By integrating detailed roadside feature data with historical crash severity information, the project seeks to identify high-risk areas for targeted guardrail installation. This approach promises to not only improve safety outcomes by reducing the frequency and severity of RD crashes but also to ensure cost-effective resource allocation, ultimately contributing to safer highways and preserving public welfare in Utah.

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